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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Hair Colour Ideas: Is a Black Bridal Hairstyle Right for You?

by Alice Starr

You've found your ideal wedding dress. Now for the tricky part: choosing a bridal hair style to match it.

While many choose to walk down the aisle with a natural hair colour, this could also be the perfect opportunity to surprise your family, friends and husband-to-be with a stunning new look!

A black hue can make or break your wedding makeover. Applied subtly, and against the right type of face structure and skin tone, it can make your best features more vivid, striking and beautiful. On others, however, it can emphasise and accentuate aspects you may not prefer.

Who best suits this hue?

Black hair will almost always looks the most powerful on someone with pale skin and blue eyes. This is not to say others won't look stunning in black. However, a little further research and make-up effort may be required to truly "own" the colour.

Which black works best for you?

If you have time before your wedding, try experimenting with a variety of colours. Do your best to familiarise yourself with the most popular shade variants:

true black

violet black

blue black

red black

Be cautious while pick a tone too close to your natural skin colour. For example, if you a reddish skin tone, stay away from something like a red-black, as it could make your skin look slightly blotchy.

If you decide to take the plunge and go dark, be prepared to wear more make-up. (This also applies equally to other hair colour extremes, such as platinum blonde.) Such tones are likely to make your skin look a little washed out. By committing to black, you will need to make a little extra effort to maintain - and, if necessary, exaggerate - the colour and glow of your skin.

Again, if you are wearing a white wedding gown, remember that this, too, is an extreme colour. This strong contrast of black and white can look amazing. Just make sure your skin tone doesn't get lost in between!

If your chosen colour is compatible with your wedding dress, your hairstyle and your skin colour, you have one last – and most important – factor to consider: is it compatible with your personality?

Black is best used when it brings out beauty that’s already there. Before you reinvent yourself entirely, remember: the groom is marrying you for you. Experiment with your blacks, find a colour and style you’re comfortable with, and hire a stylist you trust to bring out the best in yourself.

About the Author

Alice Starr is based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in Brisbane wedding hair and Brisbane wedding make-up.


Wedding Hair Colour Ideas: Is a Black Bridal Hairstyle Right for You?