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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A possible solution to every brides wedding hair nightmare!

by Andrew Regan

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular for brides to opt for wedding hair accessories instead of the classic tiara. Some brides prefer the simplicity and versatility hair accessories offer, whereas others are thankful for an alternative to the tiara for fear of looking too 'princess-y'. Whatever the reason, the sheer range of hair accessories available provide brides with variety to enhance their style and discover hair jewels to work with every hair type.

Wedding hair pins are one of the most popular hair accessories for brides and, indeed, bridesmaids. Many brides choose to wear their hair up particularly because a neatly styled up-do is guaranteed to remain chic and stylish throughout the day. Although hair styles such as a chignon or French pleat are classic, they often require dressing to soften and to avoid looking too harsh. Wedding hair pins are perfect for such hair styles, adding decadence and subtle sparkle for a timeless look. Popular designs range from butterflies, intricate floral and vintage inspired ornate design and are often set with crystals.

Possibly one of the most versatile of wedding hair accessories, jewelled hair combs suit most hair styles and work with practically all hair types. With such a diverse range of wedding hair combs available, most brides will find a suitable design. A large hair comb can look stunning worn to hold hair up on one side and, with a more informal style, can be particularly suited to beachside weddings whereas a medium sized hair comb is perfect to add sparkle to an up-do or pin up small sections of hair for brides wearing their hair loose. Wedding hair comb designs available include floral, vintage inspired styles, butterfly and petite hair combs. Classic designs are often adorned with crystals and hand-made styles are often beaded.

Wedding head bands adorned with jewels have become a favoured wedding hair accessory for brides preferring a simple and elegant look. Often set with crystal flowers or butterflies, they offer simplistic contemporary style combined with a feminine feel. Particularly popular because of their suitability for all hair lengths, wedding head bands are the perfect answer for short haired brides who are often limited by the choice available. Wedding head bands are often adorned floral, butterfly or bow designs and are usually set with crystals or beads.

Whatever the brides' style or hair type, it's safe to say that with a little shopping around, the perfect wedding hair accessory can be found. It's important to firstly consider the suitability to hair type and length. This is where a hairdresser's advice can be invaluable! Once the type of hair accessory is decided, the fun can begin. Remember to take in account the style of wedding dress, colour themes, flowers and time of year - as with every aspect of wedding planning, co-ordinating is the key to success and a beautiful wedding.

About the Author

Andrew Regan was landed with the role of wedding planner in the run up to his own wedding in September 2005.


A possible solution to every brides wedding hair nightmare!