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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Brief History of Wedding Hairstyles

by Natalie Aranda

Throughout time, women have always desired to possess the elegance of royalty and celebrities during their own wedding ceremony, from the gown to the hairstyle worn by famous women.

From ancient times to the present, women have used various wedding hairstyles to look not only their best, but to preserve the look of elegance and awe for everyone attending the celebration of their wedding. In Rome, women would dye their hair, normally a golden red, wear hair extension to give them longer, fuller, and thicker hair, wear their hair up with jeweled hairpins, and wear it down and curled in ringlets. So, no matter where you look throughout history you will find that many of the wedding hairstyles whether they are long hairstyles, short hairstyles, hair extension or worn long and styled beautifully each one compliments the style of wedding gown the bride has chosen.

Today, women look to movie stars for their glamorous wedding hairstyles. Each and every year, some celebrity is seen during their wedding on television or in the popular magazines showing off their wedding gown and the wedding hairstyle they chose for this special occasion. This is what is considered to be in the in-style theme of the year.

If you go back to the roaring 20's you will see that many stars wore their hair in a bob style and if you notice many wedding hairstyles were this short hairstyle. However, some women would of course prefer longer hairstyles or wearing their hair in an up-do.

Royalty in Europe also sets the stage when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Princess Dianna had a short wedding hairstyle and any place you looked for a few years many women were styling their wedding hairstyles in the same fashion.

During the 60's in the US, it was the long hairstyles that made it in the wedding scene. Many wore long hairstyles or hair extensions and the used flowers and beaded headbands to compliment their wedding gown. Since, several weddings during the 1960's were performed outdoors, the mood was more casual and comfortable, so more casual wedding hairstyles were seen.

Today, to learn what wedding hairstyle is in fashion, you can turn to television, but as the majority of women are concerned, they want to look glamorous, stunning, and have a wedding gown and wedding hairstyle that will be remembered.

Long hairstyles throughout history have been the favorite of most brides, because it adds sophistication and elegance to a wedding ceremony and reception accordingly. However, you can always search through different bridal magazines throughout the years to learn just how popular each wedding hairstyle has been from long hairstyles, to short hairstyles, to hair extensions and how each one has complimented the bride and her wedding dress or wedding gown.

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A Brief History of Wedding Hairstyles



Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Choice of Wedding Hair Accessories

by Jessica Thomson

Wedding is one occasion in the life of a girl that portends joy and happiness.. And, there is every attempt to make a bride look her elegant best on this auspicious wedding day..

There are several aspects that make the day special but most of all the guests, the families and the bridegroom look forward to see the bride in the end.
She is the one who makes a final appearance in a wedding ceremony and awaits a pause of breath from everyone as they see a completely transformed person in front of them.

The bride is appears resplendent in the exquisiteness of her apparel from jewellery to accessories that are chosen and given to her with care so that she looks the best bride one has ever seen.
Hair Accessories
There are several things that women usually need to tie their hair or braid it on a normal day. Leaving hair open can be harmful for it as well as look clumsy and dishevelled within no time.

This is the reason that women, of all age groups, having long hair use hair clips and pins for a tidy and neater look of their hair. For all normal hair dos, the clips and pins that are used are not too heavily embellished but rather plain and simple.

Weddings are, however, different. This is a day when a bride looks at her best when adorned with the best of outfits available. The wedding dress is usually very gorgeous and heavily embellished. The finery of the fabric and beauty of its design demands similar attention to the type of accessories that are used with it.
Wedding Hair Accessories

Special attention is given to the type of hairdo that will be done on the wedding day. There are different styles that are tried and tested on the bride to make sure how she looks in each one of them.

After the main decision of the hairdo is made there is further detailing about the way it can be decorated to enhance the hairstyling.

Here are some of the accessories that are commonly used for wedding hair dos.
Wedding hair pins are available in metals with embellished stones, crystals and even pearls on them.

Wedding hair combs are embellished and decorate comb like pieces that also help to hold the hair in a position.

Hair flowers can be fresh flowers or even those made of silk and other fabrics to adorn the hair beautifully.

Hair extensions are used for trying different styles of hair without disturbing the natural hair within it.

Wedding Veil is an important part of the attire which is attached to the hair as it flows downwards.

Wedding Tiaras are available in silver metals and embellishments of stones, crystals and pearls or even a combination that looks stunning.

Wedding Headbands are also partly similar to tiaras but are placed differently due to their basic laid down design.

Wedding Hair Feathers are similar is use like that of flowers. These are attached to the hair extension or the hairdo that is made to highlight the same.

The use of different wedding hair accessories is coordinated with the dresses and shoes and even basic jewellery.

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A Choice of Wedding Hair Accessories