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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair Combs For Your Wedding

by Andrea Jones

On your wedding day you want to feel and look the best you possibly can. You want to deck yourself out from head to toe to make this a day that you will never forget.

Along with accessories of clothing, you may wish to accessorize your hairstyle to add a bit more flavor to your attire.

There is a huge choice of bridal hair combs to complement the styling of your hair. There are so many available, no matter your taste, your style or your budget.

Maybe you prefer a unique handmade creation, a comb of rainbow rhinestones or perhaps even bedecked in fine jewels that could include diamonds, emeralds or rubies.

There are many ways in which to wear hair combs depending on the formality of the wedding, what type of dress you are wearing, or how long and thick your hair is.

Similar to tiaras, bridal combs can be worn atop the head, to the side or on the back. You can wear one alone or gang the combs up in a row for added appeal. A lot of brides think less is more and go for simple and understated combs so they don't come off as a diva princess at their wedding.

A casual and graceful manner in which to wear these combs are on either side of the head such as you would wear a hairpin. To complement a French twist or any upswept hairdo, try wearing a comb on the back of the head. Hair combs are so versatile that they can be used alone or in multiples as either a decorative or functional accessory. Your hair won't fall out of place all day!

Larger combs beset with jewels will be a splendid complement on a formal wedding day by wearing it with your upswept hair or along the side or back of the head. At an informal beach wedding perhaps a larger and simpler comb will strike your fancy. Flatter hairstyles and updos may be adorned with medium sized or smaller hair combs that allow for loose and flowing looks.

Besides the bejeweled combs you may also find a multitude of colored crystals in many sizes, real or fake.

Vintage Victorian era combs add to a classic look while other brides may be interested in the more chic and modern look. Hair combs may also be seen with flowers, scrollwork, butterflies or intricate beadwork.

Large or small, round or flat, haughty or understated. Whatever you decide is the ideal accessory for you , relax and enjoy the day!

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Hair Combs For Your Wedding