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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Indian Wedding Hairstyles: Traditional and Elegant

by Jhon Smith

Indian weddings are very popular because they truly depict their traditions and Indian wedding hairstyles are very important in making bride more beautiful. In past Indian brides did not pay attention towards their hairstyles but with the passage of time and by getting more knowledge of fashion, they want to do different experiments with their hairstyles and this is reason that you can see various stylish Indian wedding hairstyles.

Among Indian wedding hairstyles, various things that you can do are roller settings, diagonal streaking, horizontal streaking, normal full hair color, gray hair coverage, slicing and Velcro coloring. Along with above said coloring techniques, you can go with layered hairstyles, bangs, fringes, braids, blunt and sleek, buns and ponytails. Beauty of hairstyles of Indian brides lies in the fact that their hairstyle can be seen and observed through the veil covering their head. Their veil makes their hairstyle pretty and eye catching.

If you are confused about selection of your hairstyle then you can seek help of you hairdresser as he or she will guide you best according to your wedding dress and your face shape. Here are following helpful steps in selection of hairstyle. You must feel comfortable in telling your hairstylist about your required style. Some hairstylists want to impose their decision on their customers but you should tell him or her clearly what you want and what you do not want. Discuss with your hairstylist about length of your face and choose hairstyle accordingly. Among bridal hairstyles, updo hairstyles carry elegance and they are popular among brides. If you are tired of bun then you can get any of the braid hairstyle. There are stylish cornrows and French twist hairstyles so you can try anyone of them. You can go with letting your hair down for a romantic look. If you have short hairs then you can try shiny curls or you can highlight different strands of hairs.
If you have chosen your bridal hairstyle then you must get it tried once before your wedding day so that you and your hairstylist can see results of that hairstyle and if any changes required then those can be done before actual day. You must visit your beauty salon regularly so that you can get hair and skin treatment if needed. If you have plan of coloring your hairs then you should do it few months before wedding day so that your hair color looks natural.

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Indian Wedding Hairstyles: Traditional and Elegant



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