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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wedding hair and makeup - Saree Draping Styles - Sakhibeauty

by Dipti Desai

A wedding is a unique occasion for any family, anywhere in the world. Obviously, it is even more special for the bride, the cynosure of all attention. And she is expected to look absolutely gorgeous for the big day! Sakhi's proprietor Dipti is an expert in bridal make-up and hair dos. She not only dresses up the bride stylishly, but also ensures that the bride is comfortable with the hair do, and applies make-up that will be smooth, lasting and smudge resistant. The wedding hair and makeup can be made as elaborate as the bride requires.

The most important element for a traditionally dressed Indian bride is the dress: either a saree or a lehenga. The saree is a very graceful garment, but it requires to be draped just right. Wedding sarees are usually silk or chiffon and these fabrics are difficult to keep in place. Even for practiced hands, it would be tough to artfully drape a heavy saree on a bride, pin it neatly enough, and do all that in fashionable and newer draping styles. It requires an expert hand and eye to do this, and so Dipti's wedding packages always includes saree draping in different styles. Even other wedding guests can avail of Dipti's make-up, hair do and saree draping styles.

You don't have to be a bride; even on a day-to-day basis, no woman wants excess body hair to hamper her choice of dresses. Hair removal is a totally safe practice and can be made relatively painless by an experienced hand. Waxing is a popular method for hair removal and its results last from a few weeks to months. Hair-free legs, arms, and armpits give you the freedom to wear whatever you like and appear groomed. Moreover, waxing helps remove dead cells from the skin's outer layer, and this makes the skin shinier and smoother. Especially foroccasions like parties and weddings, hair removal is simply a must.

While body piercing is considered exotic in some cultures, it has been practiced world over since ancient times. Ear and nose piercings are especially popular, and in countries like India, it is almost customary for young girls to have their ears pierced. In some areas, even young boys have their ears pierced. Having ear piercings means you can enhance your look every day. Matching earrings of different lengths, colors and designs can really make your appearance go up a notch. For an Indian bride, whether in India or elsewhere, ear piercingsare almost mandatory.

Dipti's services cover all areas of wedding make-up, from hair removal to ear piercings to flawless make-up, exotic hair dos and fashionable saree draping styles.

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Wedding hair and makeup - Saree Draping Styles - Sakhibeauty



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