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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Hair Styles - The Perfect Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day

by John Farikani

A wedding is one of the most important events of a woman's life, which is why a bride wants every detail to be perfect from the ceremony to her gown. This attention to detail should also include the hair style she will wear. She should start thinking about it as early as possible to allow her hair to grow out: hair grows at a rate of approximately a half-inch a month or six inches a year. Having longer hair will allow for more leeway in selecting wedding hair styles. There are many ways you can style your hair on your wedding day, but three of the most prominent and traditional styles are the updo, long hair styles and medium-length hair styles. Each of these can be worn with accessories such as tiaras, flowers or rhinestones.

An up do style involves putting the hair up using pins; it can be worn with both long and medium-length hair. One advantage of this style is that you can wear it up during the wedding itself, and then take out the pins to create a second look for the reception.

Long wedding hair styles involve the hair worn down at least to the shoulders. It is one of the most versatile styles because there are a variety of ways it can be worn from wavy locks to long and flowing with curls and even a ponytail.

Medium-length styles involve hair that is worn to just above the shoulders and below the nape of the neck. It can be worn with the hair flowing down with the ends lightly curled.

For a more modern alternative, however, the bride can go for a short hair style which will give her a sassier look. Accessories such as a coronet can be added to give the do a touch of elegance.

One consideration for choosing your wedding hairdo is if it compliments your wedding outfit, from the gown to the shoes. For example, a simple wedding dress demands an equally uncomplicated style. The do should also match the ambience of the wedding itself; if you're having a formal, traditional ceremony, you should select a style that reflects this.

Some tips for achieving the perfect wedding hair styles:

1. It is always good to have pictures of the style that you want on hand to give to your stylist. Sources for these hairdo pictures could be bridal magazines or downloading them from bridal websites.

2. Begin practicing good hair care several months before the wedding to ensure that your hair is healthy when it is ready to be styled.

3. Don't neglect your overall appearance. Make sure that your make-up is natural looking and you get a facial to remove the signs of tension from the wedding preparations.

4. Plan ahead. Make sure to meet with your hairstylist several weeks in advance to start discussing the style, as well as other considerations such as the right color if you're thinking of dying your hair for the wedding. And allot enough time on the day itself to have your make-up and hairstyling done without rushing.

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Wedding Hair Styles - The Perfect Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day



Sunday, June 05, 2011

Easy Way To Find Free Wedding Hairstyles

by Sam Smith

You have picked the dress and veil for your wedding but you are now stuck trying to find the perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day. This is a hard yet important decision and one that you will want to plan out carefully. The hairstyle that you wear on your wedding day should be something that you feel comfortable with. While many women struggle to find the perfect style there are a lot of sources of free wedding hairstyle and lot of great advice can be found on the web.

The top place to begin looking for free wedding hairstyles and advice are the major search engines. You can browse through tons of advice and how to articles and even find great pictures of popular wedding hairstyles this way. Just go to your favorite search engine like google or yahoo and type in your keyword. The list below will help you finding great sources of free wedding hairstyles
* Wedding hairstyles
* Wedding updos
* Wedding hairstyle picture
* Celebrity wedding hairstyles
* Wedding day hairstyle

If you are looking for pictures and photographs or actual wedding hairstyles then a great place to look is google images. This is a part of google that will search online for images and pictures. You can use the above terms in the search engine and google will find tons of great pictures. Simply click on any of the pictures to view them on the site. Often this will help you find an unlimited source of wedding hairstyle pictures that you can get ideas from.

So what do you do with all of these great images, advice and articles? It can almost be overwhelming. First you will want to think about the type of wedding that you are having. If you are having a formal wedding then look using keywords like formal wedding hairstyles or casual wedding hairstyles. This will help narrow down the results and focus your searches. You can also put quotes around the search keywords to find a more focused result. You can also try searching based on the length of your chosen hairstyle. For example pictures of short hair wedding hairstyle or substitute the word long and see what you find.

Copy and Past
Once you have found some pictures that you like you can easily right click on your mouse and copy the picture and then past it into a word document. You can save this or print it out for reference material. This will help if you decide to go to a hairstylist and have a consultation or even pay for a hairstyling. Having your resource pictures will help guide the stylist so you can get the result you are after.

Mix and Match
Often you will not find the exact style that you are looking for but rather you will have to mix and match a variety of pictures. Simply spend some time looking and don't worrya about the end result. Just have fun and copy the styles that you like. Don't worry if they fit exactly what you are looking for. For example you might like the way one hairstyle uses flowers but find another overall hairstyle that suits your particular needs much better. So print both of the pictures and bring them into your hairstylist. You can easily tell the stylist, "I like the flowers in this picture but would like a style more like this one." You get the idea simply don't worry too much if you do not find the exact style you are looking for.

Print and Consult
This was already briefly spoken about above but once you find some pictures you like past them into another document and print them. Bring these printed pictures to your hairstylist as some great resource materials. Then during the consultation share what you like about each one and discuss the ideas openly with the stylist. Ask them for suggestions and ideas. Even if you choose to do your own wedding hairstyle consulting with a professional can be very helpful in gather great ideas and tips.

The internet is a wonderful source of free wedding hairstyle ideas. Simply take the time to do a little searching and plan ahead and you will have the perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day.

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Easy Way To Find Free Wedding Hairstyles