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Monday, December 03, 2012

Cute and Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

by Sherry Brister

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle for your little girl is a huge decision. Not only do you need to pick a style that will look sensational, but you must ensure that it is practical as well. Young girls do not always sit still for long, so the style that you choose needs to be easy to do in a short amount of time. You'll also want a style that will stay put, even when she doesn't

Loose Curls in a Half Updo

If you know for a fact that an extravagant updo is not a practical choice for your little girl, why fight it? Half-up hairstyles (also known as half updos or half-up-half-down hairstyles) can be just as beautiful, and you won't have to be concerned with pieces falling.

To create a half updo, you should first dry her hair with mousse or a light gel; this will offer a little texture which will help to hold the style. Pull the top of her hair up so it's in a clip and out of the way, and then use a curling iron to create barrel rolls on the rest of her hair. Do not fluff these until they have had the opportunity to cool. You can, however, spray them lightly with hairspray. Now, unclip the top of her hair and do the same thing. When the curls are cool, you can gently finger fluff them.

Finally, pull the top half of her hair into a hair band or barrette and spray with hairspray. Add in some accessories for extra elegance - this hairstyle looks great with ribbon, a tiara or flowers. And best of all it's quick and easy!

The Classic Wedding Updo

A classic wedding updo for a young girl is easiest to create if you start with curly hair using the steps in the previous style. A really pretty look is to pull all the hair up into a high ponytail at the top of her head as a starting point. Then section the ponytail off into 5 pieces, and wrap each piece to create a bun at the back of her head using bobby pins. Keep in mind that all the pieces do not need to travel the same way; some can even create a circular or swirl pattern. If she has super long hair, you can leave a few ringlets out so they dangle from the middle of the bun like a piece of jewelry.

The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can customize it in any way you see fit. For example, you could attach small flowers around the bun. You could braid the ponytail sections together before creating the bun for an exotic look. You could even weave ribbon in and out of the bun. Really, you are only limited here by your own creativity and imagination.

What About Hairspray?

Although you may be tempted to spray your girl's hair with an entire can of hairspray, this is not necessarily a good idea! If she catches her hair on anything throughout the day, it's going to be nearly impossible to fix if it's rock hard. So, go easy on the hairspray. Also keep in mind that a lot of relatives may be offering hugs, so there is the potential for hair mishaps. Simply keep extra bobby pins, a comb and a travel size can of hairspray with you so you're prepared if a fix is needed.


It’s really not too difficult to create a sophisticated hairstyle for your little girl. By choosing a style like a half updo or a classic wedding updo, you’ll make life easier for both yourself and your daughter. These hairstyles are pretty, yet are super simple to create. So, don’t go overboard on your girl’s wedding hairstyle - stick with the “low hanging fruit” and follow the advice in this article. And for even more updo inspiration, visit my site at

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Cute and Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls



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