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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Having Your Bridal Headbands

by Cornelia O'Hara

Have you thought about what you will do with your hair at the wedding? Of course, the style of your hair is as important as any other with your ensemble. With that a huge selection of bridal headbands are made by different designers to cater to the needs of brides out there.

If you are one of those who are going to choose a bridal headband to wear for the wedding, an easy choice between Swarovski crystals and pearls or a combination of both can be the perfect add to finish your wedding look.

But to be able to determine if you are suitable to wear a bridal headband, better ask your stylist if it will really match your dress and your style. You should also determine how your headband will be placed which makes the selection of this hair accessory easier.

When choosing for the perfect bridal headband, you can choose from neutral colors or several colors of Swarovski crystals. If your wedding dress has trims or has embroidery with another color on it, then a better choice for your bridal headband is to choose a bronze and cream pearl with a golden shadow crystal that is also suitable for champagne and latte wedding dresses.

You can also choose a headband that has only pearls on it and you may be able to find pearls of different size. When you choose the color of your pearls, you have to find the color that is closest to the fabric color of your wedding dress. There are so many types of choices to choose from, but if your wedding dress is white or a light diamond white, then a good choice for your pearls is with the color white. However, if your dress is a deep almost yellow ivory, then the color for your headband is cream.

If your dress has crystals on it, then the most natural choice for your headband should be Swarovski crystals for your headband. Since most wedding gowns have crystals embedded on them, your safest choice is to choose your headband made of Swarovski crystals. The same goes with your bridal jewelry set.

You can also choose a combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls with your headband if you want to add more sparkle. A combination of these two is also beneficial particularly if your dress also has a combination of these two.

When considering if you are really going to wear a bridal headband, think about whether you will wear a regular style or a slanted style so that you can choose your headband carefully. If you are going to wear a headband at an angle, you can consider wearing a headband tiara. But you can also consider wearing a comfortable headband so that you won't be too uncomfortable for the whole day.

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Having Your Bridal Headbands