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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Planning the Wedding Day: What To Consider

by Cherry Bonachita

A wedding ceremony is a public demonstration of eternal vow of two individuals. Just like other events, the success of the wedding depends greatly on how well the details are planned and organized.

Below are procedures that need to be followed to ensure an orderly and successful wedding.

Schedule the Wedding

The date for the wedding is the first thing that needs to be discussed by the couple. The time and exact date has to be considered as there must be an ample preparation before the wedding day. The preparation includes the choice of the best wedding dress from the list of magnificent Brooklyn bridal gowns , as well as the right groom's suit.

Premarital Counseling

Some churches make it a must to have the couple go through premarital counseling. The counseling includes advice and tips to have a lasting marriage.

Church Reservation

Once the couple has agreed on a date for the matrimonial ceremony, the next step is to make an appointment with a minister for church reservations. The meeting with the minister should involve the bride and groom.


Most rehearsals are done few days or the night before the wedding. The rehearsal basically takes an hour and the presence of all the members of the matrimonial party is imperative.

Wedding Day

As the most awaited day comes, the groom is undoubtedly excited to see his bride in an elegant Brooklyn bridal gown marching towards the altar to meet him. He and the groomsmen must be in the wedding venue before the bride and the bridal party arrives. The groom has to honor the entrance of the bride. During the wedding proper, pledges and vows are made by the couple. This includes the pledge of faith, marriage vow, and the exchange of rings. These pledges are the best part of the ceremony.

A wedding ceremony is indeed very significant. The whole event marks a challenge for the couple as they start a new life together and serves as a remarkable experience for the guests.

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Planning the Wedding Day: What To Consider



Wedding Reception Rentals Guide and Checklist

by Cori Russell

When you book your reception site, be sure that you understand what's included in the rental fee. Each venue is different, so you have to clarify with the site manager which items the venue provides and which wedding rentals you must provide.

(this list of questions to ask your wedding reception site will help you determine what's included) As always, make sure that everything you have agreed upon is put in writing. Depending on the venue - and the type of reception you're planning - you may need to supply some, if not all the items listed below.

Wedding Rentals Checklist


Here's a breakdown of the types of tables you may need:

Guest Tables -

36-inch rounds seat 4-6 guests.

48-inch rounds seat 6-8 guests

60-inch rounds seats 8-10 guests.

6 ft rectangle seats about 8 guests

Cake Table(s) -

Appropriate size depends on size of cake, whether you'll also have a groom's cake, and whether you'll display both cakes on the same or separate tables. 48-inch round usually works well

Head Table -

Seats bridal party. Often consists of rectangular tables placed end-to-end.

Sweetheart Table - in place of head table, small table that seats the bride and groom while the rest of the wedding party sits at guest tables.

Buffet Tables -

If you have decided on a buffet dinner, you'll need to arrange several food stations, such as meet carving, etc. (Buffet tables may be provided by the catering company.)

Gift Table -

Size depends on the number of guests you are expecting.

Guest Book Table -

A small table for your reception guest book.


For a seated dinner or buffet, you will need to provide seating for all reception guests. For a buffet style cocktail reception you may able to get away with enough chairs for half or more of the total number of guests. You may need to rent or purchase chair covers separately. High chairs for children should be available from rental companies.

Linens and Chair covers

Linens and Chair covers may be included with the rented tables and chairs, or you may need to source them elsewhere.


For a formal sit-down reception, tables are usually set with complete place settings. At a buffet reception where guests serve themselves, plates and silverware may be located at the buffet table.


A large tent or canopy may be required for receptions held outdoors to protect you and your guests from the sun or rain.

Options: Tents and canopies come in different sizes and colors. A smaller tent (20-by-20 feet) will accommodate about 40 guests at a sit-down dinner. A 20-by-40 about 200, and a 60-by-100 about 500 or more. Depending on the shape of your reception area, you may need to rent several smaller canopies rather than one large one. Contact several party rental suppliers to discuss the options.

Take pictures of the site for references for your tent rental company. Although they should survey the facility themselves before they set up the tent, the pictures are a good reference for them when you first set up an appointment.

Heaters/Air Conditioners

You may need to rent heaters if your reception will be held outdoors and if the temperature may drop below sixty-five degrees. There are electric and gas heaters, both of which come in different sizes. Gas heaters are more popular since they do not have unsightly and unsafe electric cords. In warmer climates, portable AC units may be rented for outdoor events.

Dance Floor

The size of your dance floor will depend on how many guests you expect. They can range from 12 by 12 feet up to 20 by 30 feet or larger. Get some graph paper and make a floor plan, and bring this to you when you visit your rental company.

Visit this complete wedding rentals guide for a printable checklist you can file and keep with you to manage your rentals.

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Wedding Reception Rentals Guide and Checklist



Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cheap Ideas For Wedding Accessories

by Janet R.

After you have done major decisions in purchasing very important things for your wedding, you may realize that these are just all major stuff, how about minor stuff that can make great add-ons to your big day? Well to figure out, little items that are significant to end your day perfectly are those that can complete your look and can enhance the overall appeal of the celebration. But in some situations that you are running out on cash for your wedding accessories, you may consider affordable options that can still brighten up your day.

Popular wedding accessories are jewelry. Accessories especially bridal jewelry can cost a lot, however, if you consider taking enough time to shop around and make comparisons, this can allow you to have big savings. Don't feel sad if you don't have luxurious diamonds or gold, instead, satisfy yourself with elegant and glamorous sparkle of inexpensive crystal-made jewelry. However, be mindful when choosing good quality of crystal because they are not made evenhanded. You may consider jewelry made from Swarovski crystals that give an enchanting glow for any wardrobe of your choice. High quality crystal jewelry are wide available in most online jewelers. Also, they are able to feed you reasonable prices of jewelry that they sell compared with other local jewelry shops.

Other wedding accessories like shoes and under garment lingeries can be very expensive if you don't have much ability to find cheaper options. However, don't compromise comfortability with inexpensive items. Many cheap shoes often have uncomfortable materials that can cause uneasy steps. Therefore, smart and carefully picked shoes are very important, or else you would look horrible while walking down the aisle. Also, under garment lingeries are another budget-factor to think of. Though they are a rare factor in most budgets and often end up with a very specific selection. The fact is, brides don't need high quality lingeries to seriously lift their look. Instead, settle with seamstress sew cups into the gown and forget about wearing a bustier.

Headpieces like hairpins and tiaras are popularly known for their exquisite appeal on bride's hairstyle. Often, they also come in very expensive prices. Expensive headpieces are usually made from elegant materials with high quality like freshwater pearls, gem stones and crystals, porcelain and metallic materials like silver and gold. So to lower down the cost, consider choosing small combs and disregard tiaras. Also, allow yourself to choose very functional tiaras that are convertible and can coordinate with your other jewelry.

Lastly, wedding accessories you shouldn't forget are your favors and other wedding stuff. These items may be small but they can make a big difference on your wedding appeal. A good choice of wedding favors for the wedding reception can make a wonderful remembrance to all your guests. To choose ideal favors, think first of your wedding theme. While you have chosen a simple theme for your wedding, an affordable option, you should also pick simple favors. Looking heavy, these favors can show too much that are completely out of theme for your simple wedding. So choose appropriate favors that don't strain your budget too much.

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Cheap Ideas For Wedding Accessories