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Monday, July 31, 2006

Wedding Hairstyling Tips: Choosing the Updo

by Antoinette Boulay

For many brides the hairstyle they choose for their wedding day is almost as important as the dress they choose. While every bride wants her hair to look great on her wedding day, there are also many factors to consider in choosing a style. Women with longer hair often have an especially difficult time deciding on a hairstyle.

Designing wedding updos takes a great deal of planning. An updo is essentially a hairstyle that involves pinning the hair up so that is off the neck. There are many different styles of updos available and the bride may find choosing the perfect one to be a challenging task. The bride has a lot of factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle. This article will outline some of the factors to consider when deciding on wedding updos.

The shape of the face is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing wedding updos. This is important because certain styles of updos are more appealing on faces of a particular shape while other styles may create an unappealing look. For example some hairstyles may make a round face appear even rounder while other hairstyles may create a slenderizing illusion.

The veil or headpiece which will be worn should also be considered when choosing wedding updos. While the shape of the face is very important, the headpiece is equally important because it will influence the types of styles which can be used. Once the headpiece is chosen, the bride to be can start choosing a hairstyle.

The process of choosing wedding updos usually begins with paging through wedding magazines or scrolling through websites. Most soon to be brides get their inspiration from magazines and websites which focus on weddings. Seeing models with hairstyles you like can give you the general idea of what type of hairstyle you will choose.

When looking through these magazines and websites it is important to consider the shaper of the face of the models in the hairstyles you like. If they have face shapes which are similar to your own, these styles will likely be flattering. However, if the models have faces which are shaped drastically different from your own, you may find the style to be unflattering.

The next step in the process of choosing wedding updos is to visit a salon to experiment with different styles. If you already have a hairstylist you trust or have recommendations from other friends you can choose this stylist to complete your wedding day look. Otherwise you might need to visit a few salons to see pictures of their previous work before deciding on a stylist. Once you have chosen a stylist you can do a trial run to see how the hairstyle looks with the headpiece.

Preferably the trial run to experiment with different wedding updos should take place close to the date of the wedding. This will ensure the hair is relatively similar to how it will be on the wedding day. You may experiment with different hairstyles a few months in advance only to find that the weather or other factors have changed to texture of your hair making the style that was so appealing a few months ago to not be as attractive. The trial run is very important because it is when the bride to be will really see how the updo will look on her and with her headpiece.

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Wedding Hairstyling Tips: Choosing the Updo



Sunday, July 30, 2006

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hair Style: Tips And Advice

by Melissa Burton

The same frustrations with hair that plague women in daily life often show up during wedding preparations. While you will begrudgingly accept a "bad hair day" every once in a while, you don't want to have such a day with your wedding hair style. You want everything to be perfect, right? Well, very few things about weddings or life for that matter are perfect. It is better to focus on how you can do your best. When it comes to your wedding hair style, there are some ways that you can attempt to make sure your wedding hair style doesn't turn into a "bad hair day."

If you purchase your wedding dress from a bridal shop, the consultants will undoubtedly show you accessories for your hair, such as a tiara, flowers, or headband that complement your dress. Wearing a headdress will influence your wedding hair style. You will need to inform your hairstylist if you intend to wear a headdress. The stylist will want to create a wedding hair style for you that not only accommodates a headdress, but that also stays in place when you remove the headdress.

In addition to what you are wearing, the wedding hair style you choose to wear on your wedding day should first reflect the style of wedding you are planning to create. Are you planning a formal or informal ceremony? A wedding hair style that is dramatic is appropriate for a formal wedding, while a hair style that is more playful and loose is appropriate for an informal ceremony held at a beach, for example.

Last minute decisions are common during wedding preparations. One thing you don't want to put at the end of your checklist is what wedding hair style you are going to wear. If you don't have a hair stylist, find one in advance of your wedding. You don't want a wedding hair style that is tacky and you definitely don't want a hair stylist who won't deliver a special wedding hair style. It is customary for brides and bridesmaids to block off four hours or more before the wedding ceremony to obtain their wedding hair style. Be sure your hairstylist can accommodate this or make other arrangements. It's a good idea to avoid having the bridesmaids take care of their own wedding hair style. Otherwise, the result could be everyone with a different wedding hair style.

Although your hairstylist can offer suggestions for your wedding hair style, it is a good idea to give them some idea of what you like. Browse popular bridal magazines and other magazines featuring various hairstyles until you find a wedding hair style that appeals to you.

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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hair Style: Tips And Advice



Thursday, July 27, 2006

Help Picking The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle For Long, Short and Medium Hair

by Sam Smith

Sure you have a lot of things to plan like your wedding dress, wedding shoes and of course the accessories to go with your wedding day outfit. It all seems very overwhelming. However, one thing that you do not want to forget about at any cost is the hairstyle for the day. Your hairstyle is the crowning glory of your outfit and a great way to show off your personality. Hairstyles are very important and therefore a key ingredient to your wedding planning. It honestly does not matter if you have long, short or medium hair there are so many styles and options that with careful planning you will be able to find a wedding hair style that fits you perfectly.

First there are some important factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the perfect wedding hairstyle for the big day. You want to think about the following three things as you decide your hairstyle.

Type of Wedding: First you need to take into consideration the theme and style of the wedding. For example if you are having a very formal wedding then you will want to have an updo hairstyle or even a bun. Hair that is pulled back tight and controlled in a bun makes a great formal look and will therefore compliment a formal or classic wedding dress.

On the other hand if you are having an informal beach themed wedding in Hawaii then this formal bun or pulled backed and pinned hairstyle is going to look way out of place. Instead you will want to wear your hair down and possible use some curls or wave to give you hair a carefree style and lose and let down look.

So taking into consideration the style and formality of the wedding is very important in choosing your wedding hair style.

Personal Characteristics: There are many personal characteristics about you that need to be taken into consideration before choosing your wedding day hairstyle.

For example Hair length is a very important factor. Are you looking for short hair wedding hairstyles of long hair styles. Depending on the length of your hair you will be forced into certain styles and so this should be though about in advance.

The shape of you face is another characteristic that should be taken into consideration before choosing your hairstyle. The texture and consistency of your hair is another important factor. For example if you hair that is thick, full and difficult to manage then again a style where you have pinned it up will be much easier for you to manage.

Wedding Dress and veil: It is important to take into consideration the veil and headpiece that you will be wearing the day of the wedding. For example if you have a small tiara or crown then you will want a hairstyle that will show this off. Flowers and pins are also embellishments to your wedding hairstyle that you will want to plan for ahead of time.

There are many professional wedding hairstylists that are more then happy to consult with you and even help generate some ideas of what will look great with your style. The important thing is to plan ahead and get in early. Don't leave the planning of a hairstyle to the day of the wedding it is too important!

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Help Picking The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle For Long, Short and Medium Hair



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How to Look Good in Wedding Photographs

by Lesley-Ann Graham

The dress was beautiful, you got through the ceremony and reception without a hitch, but just when you thought your wedding was perfect, your pictures come back and you look awful. What can you do to make sure that your photos are as beautiful as the memories you have?

Here are some of the things you should consider:

- Never scrimp on your photographer. Nobody's going to remember if your bouquets had daisies or rare, exotic orchids. But years from now, your great grand children will be looking at your wedding album. They're not just souvenirs, they're heirlooms. Spend on them.

- Avoid complicated hairstyles and veils. You'll be walking around, too busy talking to guests to check the mirror. You don't want your veil hanging to the side, or your bangs plastered to your face. Keep it simple and elegant. If you want a dramatic veil for your walk down the aisle, look for a style that allows you to detach part of it, leaving you with something less cumbersome at the reception.

- Buy or make a small clutch bag or pouch that matches your gown. It should carry blotting paper, pressed powder, lipstick and blush. Ask your maid of honor to keep it handy for you.

- Wear waterproof mascara. You will cry a lot. It's guaranteed. Black mascara will run and leave unflattering raccoon eyes.

- Don't wear heavy powder eyeshadow. Again, you will cry. You will also sweat from walking around in heavy makeup, a thick gown, and hundreds of guests milling around you. Powder smears and cakes, and ends up under your eyes.

- Don't wear sheer lipstick. You'll eat it off. Or if you do, wear a matte or semi-matte base and apply the sheer lipstick as a top coat. Be sure to blot well, or it'll end up around your mouth or on your teeth.

- Don't wear heavy shimmery makeup, unless it's applied by a professional makeup artist. It doesn't photograph well under less than perfect lighting conditions. If you do, apply only on the eyes.

- Bridal makeup should be soft and romantic, not harsh. Natural pinks are most flattering, and really make you look like a "blushing bride". Avoid hard-edged contouring and dramatic browns, unless blended well and kept close to the eyeline. Even lipsticks should stick to the pinks and brownish pinks. Bright reds look too harsh worn against a white dress.

- You'll need good foundation that lasts long but doesn't cake. The trick is to apply moisturizer first and let it "set". This will prime your skin. Apply a matte or cream foundation, then concealer. Dust powder foundation with a brush.

- Take good photographs right after the ceremony, when everyone's make up is still intact. You should have solo shots, couple shots, and group photos with your entourage, friends, family members.

- Ask for a few black and white photographs. They always have a soft, romantic feel.

- If you'll be having outdoor photographs, light is most flattering in the morning and at dusk. Avoid any outdoor shots from 11am to 2pm; everyone will just be squinting.

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How to Look Good in Wedding Photographs



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Easy Way To Find Free Wedding Hairstyles

by Sam Smith

You have picked the dress and veil for your wedding but you are now stuck trying to find the perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day. This is a hard yet important decision and one that you will want to plan out carefully. The hairstyle that you wear on your wedding day should be something that you feel comfortable with. While many women struggle to find the perfect style there are a lot of sources of free wedding hairstyle and lot of great advice can be found on the web.

The top place to begin looking for free wedding hairstyles and advice are the major search engines. You can browse through tons of advice and how to articles and even find great pictures of popular wedding hairstyles this way. Just go to your favorite search engine like google or yahoo and type in your keyword. The list below will help you finding great sources of free wedding hairstyles * Wedding hairstyles * Wedding updos * Wedding hairstyle picture * Celebrity wedding hairstyles * Wedding day hairstyle

If you are looking for pictures and photographs or actual wedding hairstyles then a great place to look is google images. This is a part of google that will search online for images and pictures. You can use the above terms in the search engine and google will find tons of great pictures. Simply click on any of the pictures to view them on the site. Often this will help you find an unlimited source of wedding hairstyle pictures that you can get ideas from.

So what do you do with all of these great images, advice and articles? It can almost be overwhelming. First you will want to think about the type of wedding that you are having. If you are having a formal wedding then look using keywords like formal wedding hairstyles or casual wedding hairstyles. This will help narrow down the results and focus your searches. You can also put quotes around the search keywords to find a more focused result. You can also try searching based on the length of your chosen hairstyle. For example pictures of short hair wedding hairstyle or substitute the word long and see what you find.

Copy and Past Once you have found some pictures that you like you can easily right click on your mouse and copy the picture and then past it into a word document. You can save this or print it out for reference material. This will help if you decide to go to a hairstylist and have a consultation or even pay for a hairstyling. Having your resource pictures will help guide the stylist so you can get the result you are after.

Mix and Match Often you will not find the exact style that you are looking for but rather you will have to mix and match a variety of pictures. Simply spend some time looking and don't worrya about the end result. Just have fun and copy the styles that you like. Don't worry if they fit exactly what you are looking for. For example you might like the way one hairstyle uses flowers but find another overall hairstyle that suits your particular needs much better. So print both of the pictures and bring them into your hairstylist. You can easily tell the stylist, "I like the flowers in this picture but would like a style more like this one." You get the idea simply don't worry too much if you do not find the exact style you are looking for.

Print and Consult This was already briefly spoken about above but once you find some pictures you like past them into another document and print them. Bring these printed pictures to your hairstylist as some great resource materials. Then during the consultation share what you like about each one and discuss the ideas openly with the stylist. Ask them for suggestions and ideas. Even if you choose to do your own wedding hairstyle consulting with a professional can be very helpful in gather great ideas and tips.

The internet is a wonderful source of free wedding hairstyle ideas. Simply take the time to do a little searching and plan ahead and you will have the perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day.

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Easy Way To Find Free Wedding Hairstyles



Monday, July 24, 2006

The perfect wedding hairstyle for this summer

by Cindy Marcus

For you lucky girls about to get married, this is probably the biggest party like event that you will ever attend and one of the biggest moments of your life. With this in mind we all want our weddings to be memorable and to achieve that, everything has to be perfect, including the wedding hairstyle that you have selected. With so many people attending the wedding looking their best, it is essential for the bride to look just as radiant if not more than her guests.

If you have not selected a wedding hairstyle to match your dress two months from the actual wedding date, than I suggest that you quickly read my guide on where to find wedding hairstyles. For those who are prepared and have selected a hairstyle to match a lovely dress, let see how we can optimize the hairstyle with some accessories to make the bride stand out among the crowd of people, besides a beautiful white dress of course.

When considering accessories to spruce up your wedding hairstyle, there are quite a few selection of items ranging from small to large that fit different hairstyles including flow downs and updos. There are a wide selection of beads and small jewelry which make small yet noticeable changes. There are also a variety of hairpins that come attached with jewelry or formed in beautiful patterns. There are bun wraps and tiaras in a variety of beautiful designs made from everything from glass to pearls to even diamonds. As you can see there is quite a selection.

Beads and jewelry are good additions without making too much of a splash. These come in glass, crystal, diamonds, and other material as well and can be added in different areas around the hair to provide an elegant look. Hairpins will also contain beads or jewelry, sometimes in beautiful arrangement like floral patterns. These accessories usually come in sets and are the cheapest items available.

Tiaras and bun wraps are hair accessories that make more of an impact on the whole look. Bun wraps are great items to attach to updos. They come in designs which include different jewels including pearls and some are designed in very beautiful floral patterns that can create a fairy tale look when everything fits. Tiaras are probably the most expensive hair accessories that you can get and can make the most impact, not only on the hairstyle but the overall look. There are a variety of tiaras to chose from ranging from cheap to extremely expensive. From floral designs to pure diamond studded ones, the wedding tiara is a very beautiful add-on for some wedding hairstyles. However I do suggest going small with the tiara as a bigger one just takes too much attention away.

For brides or bridesmaids looking for an extra addition to their hairstyle that makes for a unique beautiful look, add fresh flowers. Adding fresh, silken roses that match your dress to your hair can make for a very appealing look. Just purchase a few fresh flowers that match your dress color, cut the stems down to about the size of a hair pin and you have a natural hair accessory that provides a great look.

So have a fun and memorable time at your weddings ladies and always remember that it's your day.

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The perfect wedding hairstyle for this summer



Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Brief History of Wedding Hairstyles

by Natalie Aranda

Throughout time, women have always desired to possess the elegance of royalty and celebrities during their own wedding ceremony, from the gown to the hairstyle worn by famous women.

From ancient times to the present, women have used various wedding hairstyles to look not only their best, but to preserve the look of elegance and awe for everyone attending the celebration of their wedding. In Rome, women would dye their hair, normally a golden red, wear hair extension to give them longer, fuller, and thicker hair, wear their hair up with jeweled hairpins, and wear it down and curled in ringlets. So, no matter where you look throughout history you will find that many of the wedding hairstyles whether they are long hairstyles, short hairstyles, hair extension or worn long and styled beautifully each one compliments the style of wedding gown the bride has chosen.

Today, women look to movie stars for their glamorous wedding hairstyles. Each and every year, some celebrity is seen during their wedding on television or in the popular magazines showing off their wedding gown and the wedding hairstyle they chose for this special occasion. This is what is considered to be in the in-style theme of the year.

If you go back to the roaring 20's you will see that many stars wore their hair in a bob style and if you notice many wedding hairstyles were this short hairstyle. However, some women would of course prefer longer hairstyles or wearing their hair in an up-do.

Royalty in Europe also sets the stage when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Princess Dianna had a short wedding hairstyle and any place you looked for a few years many women were styling their wedding hairstyles in the same fashion.

During the 60's in the US, it was the long hairstyles that made it in the wedding scene. Many wore long hairstyles or hair extensions and the used flowers and beaded headbands to compliment their wedding gown. Since, several weddings during the 1960's were performed outdoors, the mood was more casual and comfortable, so more casual wedding hairstyles were seen.

Today, to learn what wedding hairstyle is in fashion, you can turn to television, but as the majority of women are concerned, they want to look glamorous, stunning, and have a wedding gown and wedding hairstyle that will be remembered.

Long hairstyles throughout history have been the favorite of most brides, because it adds sophistication and elegance to a wedding ceremony and reception accordingly. However, you can always search through different bridal magazines throughout the years to learn just how popular each wedding hairstyle has been from long hairstyles, to short hairstyles, to hair extensions and how each one has complimented the bride and her wedding dress or wedding gown.

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A Brief History of Wedding Hairstyles